Saturday, 14 September 2013

Tenga comes to Turkey

I have no idea what they are saying, but they look very happy!

Interesting that Berk, aged 25, uses the standard size rather than the Ultra Size model though!

Batu, a 26 year old banker, goes for the Spiral 3D model.  The website says "This stunning white coloured masturbation sleeve delivers double the texture satisfaction when you stroke your erection hard and fast towards that ultimate explosive ejaculation, and combining your movement with a twist adds even more stimulation."   No wonder he looks so happy!   As for the Module 3D version, on the right, the website says "This masturbation sleeve is made from very supple and stretchy body safe material that feels like real flesh, and will accommodate even the largest of erections with ease allowing you to experience a new and exciting way to get off, and is 4.5-inches in length."  It does look as though Batu is carrying more than the average 6" in his boxers and so he probably welcomes that!

Kaan, 24, is a student.  He is serious about his masturbation, but needs to watch his budget.  He has gone for the Flip Hole, reusable, he can use those white buttons to control exactly where the most sensation goes.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Henrik Rummel

Henrik Rummel was a competitior in the 2012 Olympics who caused quite a stir when awarded his Bronze medal.

Within moments of his appearance on the podium, the internet was awash with comments that he had stood there in front of the world's TV with an erection.

He denied.  Interestingly, his girlfriend denied it too!  She probably has a pretty good idea what kind of tool Mr Rummel is packing.

"This is me and I swear it's not erect!", he said in an intereview.  "If I did have one, you can bet I would've tried harder to cover it up with the flowers.".  Later he said "The spandex doesn't leave a lot to the imagination and there are many unflattering awards dock photos out there. I haven't heard of any erections occurring on the podium."

So, did he or didn't he?  Was he so excited at winning Bronze, that he got a stiffie?

We shall never know.  I'm prepared to take his word for it.  He's clearly a big boy,  bigger than his teammates as this photo shows.


The real joke of course was that his sport was the Coxless Fours.

One thing Mr Rummel certainly is not!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Josh's turn

Josh hadn't slept a wink.  He knew that today was the day he was going to get his caning and funnily enough he had been thinking about little else since he had been told. 

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Monday, 10 December 2012

"Is that a weapon?"

Sean knew he had to finish his contract essay by 5pm. If he didn't hand it in by then, he would miss the perfect score he had on his exams.  He had lent his friend Wills his notes and needed to get them back before lunch time if he was to have any chance to get things done in time.

Unlike most students, Sean was never one for long lie ins. He was up by 8am as usual (an early start for a student!) and made for Wills' room a few blocks away from his own.

Whe he got to Wills' room, he knocked and got no reply. "Damn!", he thought "he is going to be asleep still".

Suddenly he heard a shout from the shower area: "Hi Sean! I'll be right through. Just wait in my room. Put the kettle on if you like!"

Sean went into Wills's room.  It was a tip!  The first thing he saw was clothes strewn all over the floor.  Next to his bed there was a small table.  Although he could see a clock radio on it, the first thing he noticed was a large pile of scrumpled up tissues.  On the floor there were some magazines. Sean grinned to himself.  He had a pretty good idea what Wills had been doing last night!  Judging by the size of the pile of tissues, he'd been doing a lot of it too!

Like his own room, Wills had a desk next to the window.  It was covered in books and papers.  Sean had no idea how Wills did so well at his exams,  he was obviously naturally gifted.

Suddenly the door flew open.  Wills was standing there in towel, but still pretty much dripping wet.  Sean was struck by how well built he was.  He had seen him walking around the University and realised he was in good shape but this was the first time he was seeing so much of him.  He was impressed. He had a muscular, well-defined chest and very broad shoulders.  His chest had a fair bit of hair on it, but not too much.

"Sorry about the mess!", Wills said.  "I wasn't expecting guests so early!"

"So I see!", said Sean, looking at the pile of tissues.

"Oh yes!  Well, you know what it's like.  Sometimes, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!", Wills replied, grinning.

To Sean's amazement, Wills then took the towel off and started to dry himself down.  He was surprised at just how big Wills was down below and how relaxed he seemed about showing it off.  He tried not to stare, but he could not help but see the long thick dick hanging down a few feet away from him.  It must have been at least four inches long.  He had seen some of his friends at school a couple of few years back and knew from there that some were "luckier" than others, but he was surprised just how "lucky", Wills was.  He had not seen any male quite that long or thick before.  Although he tried to keep eye contact, he could not help but admire how well endowed Wills was.

"Sorry, you are here for your notes, aren't you", Wills asked distractedly as he walked towards his desk.  "I know they are here somewhere!  Just sit down, while I look for them".

Sean sat down on the bed.  He couldn't help look at the pile of tissues by the side of the bed.  He realised that some of them still looked wet. He tried not to think of Wills lying there on that very same bed, whacking himself off before making for the shower.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.  "Wills, are you awake? I need some coffee", said the voice from behind the door.  Sean knew who it was.

With that, not waiting for a response, Eric flew into the room.  He was dressed in just his boxer shorts.

"What block is this?", Sean thought to himself.  "Is it a rule that the residents have to wear as little clothing as possible?".  He smiled at himself as he wondered why he had not been there before.

Eric didn't seem to notice Sean at first.  As Wills was standing there completely naked, this was not perhaps entirely surprising.

Suddenly, Eric noticed Sean sitting on the bed.

"Oh! Is this a weapon you have brought in here then to protect you?", he asked, grinning from ear to ear. "I don't think we've met before", he said, as he held his hand out to Sean.

"Sean, meet Eric", Wills said, embarrassed at his failings as a host.
Eric too had a great body.  No hair, but a well-defined chest with strong looking muscular arms.  There was also a pretty impressive looking bulge in those boxers that Sean couldn’t help notice.

"So, Wills," Eric said, smiling at Sean,  "you are showing off that tiny dick of yours again, are you? I don't know why he bothers", he said.

"Ha!  Well, I am sure it's a lot bigger than yours is!", Wills replied, gesturing towards his dick as he did so.

"Oh, in your dreams", Eric responded, tugging at his own bulge in his boxers.  "There is no way you are as big as I am!  Don't forget, this is not the first time I have seen you like this!"

Sean reckoned it was probably safe to step in to this challenge.

"Well, why don't you prove it?", he responded to Eric.

He was surpised at his own confidence, but no sooner had his words finished echoing around the room as Eric replied:  "Yes.  Let's sort this out once and for all.  Have you got a ruler somewhere in this pig-sty of a room?".

“Somewhere.”, Will replied.  “Let me look.”  He burrowed around in the pile of clothes on the floor and then produced a twelve inch wooden ruler.

“That’s not going to be big enough!”, Eric joked, as he started to pull his boxers off.
Eric was clearly very well hung.  To Sean's surprise, he looked even longer than Wills did and was not that much thinner.

Wills looked at Eric.  "Yes, you are pretty big!"

Sean was surprised how honest Wills was being.  He couldn't help noticing that Wills's penis was getting longer and was starting to point upwards too.   Sean tried not to look too closely, but he was still amazed at what he was seeing.  He remembered back to his days at his school when his friend Ian had an erection in the showers.  He had thought then how big Ian was, but he was nothing compared with Wills.

Wills was now rubbing his dick, making it longer and harder with every stroke.  It was now standing up, fully erect, throbbing as he kept rubbing.

Eric too was now getting himself harder.  Unlike Will’s his dick had a slight upward curve to it.  Like his, it was very big.

Sean could not believe what he was seeing.  Two of his mates, completely naked, with rock hard dicks.  This was much more fun than being in the library!

Wills picked up the ruler and handing it to Sean said “Well, do you want to do the honours?”.

“Yes, go on”, said Eric.  “Sort this out once and for all!”

“What’s the prize for the winner?”, Sean asked.

“The loser has to give the winner a wank”, Eric laughed.

“Yes! That’s fine by me!”, Wills grinned.  “It will save me the effort!”.

“OK”, Sean replied, taking the ruler in his hand. “Who is going to go first?”

“I don’t want to make Wills wait any longer”, Eric said.  “He can go first”

Wills walked up to Sean.  This was not something he was expecting when he went in to get his notes! Wills walking up to him to be measured.  Sean held the ruler out and put it along the top of his dick.

“Seven and a quarter inches!”, Sean said, reading out the result.

“Well, that’s the standard you have got to beat!”, Wills laughed to Eric.

“No problem! Bring it on!”, was Eric’s confident response.

Sean took the ruler.  Because of the slight curve in Eric’s dick, he pressed it up along it. 

“Careful”, Eric smiled “It doesn’t like being pressed too hard!”

“Seven and a quarter inches!”, Sean exclaimed.

Honour was saved.  Although at the start it looked as though Wills was going to win, in the end they were exactly the same.

“Ha!” Wills shouted.

“No way!!” Eric replied.

The noise broke the silence of the peaceful block.  Suddenly the door opened again.  It was Walter, Sean’s neighbour.

“Hey, what’s going on here?”, he said, taken aback at the sight of Wills and Eric completely naked with erections and Sean with his ruler. 

Suddenly, they both looked a bit embarrassed.  Like naughty schoolboys caught in the act by a master, fearing they were about to get that typical schoolboy punishment – six strokes of the cane – they both quickly started to get dressed.

“Don’t let me stop the fun!”, Walter said in his Italian accent.  “This looks like fun”

With that, he started to undo his blue dressing gown, revealing his well built body underneath.  He was even more muscular than Wills and Eric and had a lot more hair on his chest.  It was his dick though that Sean could not help looking at.  Was there suddenly going to be a clear winner?  He was already fully erect, his dick pointing up towards the ceiling.

Walking up to Sean, he took the ruler from his hand and pressed it against his dick. 

“Seven and a half inches!”, Wills said.

Both Sean and Wills looked a bit crestfallen.  They had met their match.  Sean’s eyes were suddenly off their bodies and focusing on Walter’s.

“Well, sorry to steal your thunder!  Boys shouldn’t play with men!”, Walter gloated  “Now, what was the prize for the winner?”

“The loser had to give the winner a wank”, Sean piped up – surprised at his own confidence.

“Well, we needn’t go that far”, Walter replied, “But we could still have some fun.  Come on, take those boxers off, gentlemen.  Let’s play!”

With that, Eric and Wills took the boxers off that they had quickly whipped on as Walter came into the room.   All three of them were now standing in a circle, stark naked, with erections.  This is not something Sean had ever expected to see!  He had often wondered what they looked like naked, but never imagined he would ever see, even less so all at the same time.

Walter seemed to be leading the way.  He was already furiously rubbing away at his dick.    

His breathing was getting heavier and heavier as he rubbed away.

Wills was not far behind, his hand whizzing up and down his thick shaft.

This was getting better by the day.

Suddenly Eric broke the silence : “Oh my God.  I’m gonna cum”

Walter and Wills carried on rubbing away, but Sean’s eyes were now fixed on Eric’s dick.

A thick spurt of sperm flew up into the air, arcing onto the floor.   A second and third spurt followed as Eric let out a really deep satisfied sigh.

Now it was Walter’s turn.  His face contorted with pleasure, he too let a thick spurt fly into the air.  Like a fountain, it flew up, landing on the floor between the three of them.

It was just Wills to go now.  Eric had walked away and was starting to clean himself up from the box of tissues by the bed.

Wills was now rubbing very slowly.  Clearly he was in no rush.  He wanted to enjoy this for as long as he could.  His breathing was heavier than before, sighing deeply as his hand pulled his foreskin back and forward over the deep purple head.

Suddenly he stopped.  A thick spurt oozed out of his dick.  Like Walter and Eric is arced up as he sighed and breathed more deeply.  Then another and another.  It kept flowing out until he finally exclaimed “ah yes”.

Well, this was a show Sean would not forget in a hurry!

Wills had found the tissues. He was cleaning himself up as he said to Eric "We'd better get the mop and bucket out before this marks the floor!" He grinned as they looked down at the puddles of sperm on the floor.

He then turned to Sean.

"I completely forgot.  You came across here for your notes didn't you? Sorry to make you sit through all this"

"Are you joking?", Sean thought to himself.  This was far more fun than sitting in the library churning out notes for an essay!

"Oh, it's no problem! It's been kind of interesting to be honest!", came his response.

"Ha! All the same, I know you want that first class pass!" Wills laughed as he handed him the notes.

It felt a bit strange, having a conversation with a man who was still completely naked, but Sean was slowly getting used to the idea.

Taking his notes, Sean decided he ought to leave them tidy up.  The three of them would now have to hit the showers again!